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Literacy Volunteers of Central CT, Inc.

Who We Are

Close to 16,000 adults in New Britain, and 6,800 adults in Bristol, read, write, and/or speak English at the lowest literacy level - one that does not allow them to reach their personal, family or career goals. Our volunteer tutors help their students learn to read, write, and/or speak English, meet goals, and create new goals. In the process our tutors often become mentors for their students, and friends as well. Not only the students themselves benefit, but also their children: a major predictor of a child's success in school is whether or not the parents speak and read English at home. We currently have over 100 students on our waiting list - we need you! Please click on "ongoing volunteer opportunities" to find out more about our rewarding volunteer opportunity!

What We Do

Our mission: Volunteers helping people improve their lives through English literacy. Literacy Volunteers of Central CT provides instruction, assistance and encouragement to those adult members of our community who want to improve their skills in reading, writing, or speaking English so that they can achieve their work, family, and community goals. We recruit and train volunteers who tutor and also act as mentors for students that may need help with cultural or societal issues as well as language difficulties. We began in 1978 as a small all-volunteer agency, operating out of our founder's home. We have since grown to serve 400+ students a year, through the use of 165+ trained volunteers. While the heart of our organization is our volunteers, we do now have a professional staff to serve both our volunteers and our students as effectively and efficiently as possible.


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