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Children's Reading Partners

Who We Are

Founded in 1998, Children's Reading Partners (CRP) aims to build and improve the reading skills of pre-kindergarten to grade five educationally at-risk students in public school districts in Greater Hartford, CT. This is accomplished by recruiting, training, and placing volunteers to read with these students, one-on-one, on a consistent weekly basis. Children's Reading Partners further expands students’ reading resources through annual book donations to each student and that student's classroom.

What We Do

Children’s Reading Partners places trained volunteers to read weekly with children in Hartford and five neighboring communities (Bloomfield, East Hartford, Manchester, New Britain and West Hartford). CRP specifically serves children from low-income communities who are at-risk of low reading achievement. 


Children’s Reading Partners serves a total of fourteen schools. Teachers identify specific students who will best benefit from the program to work with CRP’s volunteers. The reading mentoring takes place weekdays at the actual schools.
The components of the current program are:

  • Elementary Express – Reading mentors work with at-risk kindergarten through fifth grade students one-on-one for 30 minutes a week, on a consistent weekly basis, to help build their literacy skills. Teachers choose students who do not receive reading support at home to participate, and each volunteer works with the same child each week, late October through May.  
  • Preschool Pals – Reading mentors read to preschool children for 30 minutes a week in Bloomfield for ten weeks in the spring and six weeks in the summer.